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Sungarden Investment Research takes an alternative approach to investing for retirement.  We are not brokers, holistic financial planners or insurance agents, and we are not a hedge fund. We are private account investment managers for families, and also advise financial planners on investment strategy and process.  Sungarden Founder Rob Isbitts is a retirement investing columnist for and was recently ranked as one of the top 10 investment strategy writers in the U.S. (by  He has written two books on investing and is the creator of Sungarden’s hedged investment strategies.  He and veteran investment advisor Vincent Esposito oversee an experienced team out of two offices (Sunrise, FL and Guilford, CT).  The Sungarden team approaches investing with a flexible mindset and a desire to avoid the herd-mentality that injures so many investors.  This website provides an overview of Sungarden’s team and our investment philosophy,  process and strategies.  You can also request our groundbreaking research study on hedged investing and other topics at



At Sungarden we are hedged investors, but not a hedge fund. Using a variety of tools, we prioritize the management of volatility.

We run distinct investment strategies, each with a different primary objective:

  • Capital Preservation
  • Cash Flow
  • Long-Term Growth


Our strategies are comprised of individual stocks, supplemented with a small number of specialized ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) and/or mutual funds to complete the portfolio.



  • Deep investment experience over twenty five years across different market conditions.
  • A business person’s approach to investing: we prioritize the management of market volatility and invest to real-life objectives, not to superficial benchmarks.
  • A proprietary investment communications system, designed to keep our clients informed about what impacts their wealth.