A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.

-Wayne Gretzky

We prioritize avoiding “big” losses, and emphasize income and/or growth based on each client’s unique objectives. Many investment firms only know how to try to make money. As a result, they have no plan for when markets don’t cooperate. During volatile markets, their only advice is “hang in there” or “buy the dips.” Hope is not an investment strategy. An approach that at all times accounts for what could go right AND what could go wrong is essential for successful families. We get that, and our hedged investing approach reflects it.

We do our own cooking

Sungarden is an investment research firm that manages portfolios directly for clients. We manage the money in-house to keep costs down and so clients can talk directly to the decision-makers. We are not salespeople representing some giant public company. Our clients, not our shareholders, come first. That is an essential part of the fiduciary responsibility we carry.

We are not obsessed with “labels”

We transcend common labels such as active or passive, conservative or aggressive. We know that you want us to be as active or inactive in your portfolio as we feel is needed at any time in order to pursue your objectives. Investing is not a black-or-white exercise, but rather shades of gray (NOT a book reference!). We incorporate elements of many investment disciplines to manage portfolios in a straightforward, insightful manner.

We recognize what really matters to you

If you are like our existing clients, you have long since left “S&P 500 Index chasing” behind. Your “benchmark” is your lifestyle, family and legacy objectives, not some random index for aggressive investors. That’s why we de-emphasize following the stock market up and down, and have designed a proprietary investment management and client communications system to keep you informed about what impacts your wealth.

We are not a hedge fund… But we are not a traditional money manager either

We are hedged investors. And even though we conduct our work through your own, private account with a reputable securities custodian, we do so in a style not often found in a separately-managed account. We invest in stocks for income and/or long-term capital appreciation, and we buy inverse ETF securities to hedge against major market declines. This “long-short” approach is similar to what some of the most prominent hedge funds do. However, we do it at a fraction of their cost, with better potential tax-efficiency, and far greater transparency. You know what you own and why you own it. No surprises with each monthly statement. And if you don’t like what we are doing, you can exit at any time. It’s your account, your assets, and our experience and diligence. We call it “The Investing Evolution”.


Our principals each have over 20 years of investment experience. They have each amassed over 60,000 hours of work across diverse market environments. While we have not yet seen everything, we have seen a lot, and our hard-earned perspective focuses on protecting your hard-earned wealth.