The Number That Could Impact Your Wealth A Lot More Than Dow 20,000

We get the hype over the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 20,000. After all, it has been a couple of slow news weeks after the media sugar-high of 2016 in politics and Fed-watching. And what’s cooler than a big, round number for a formerly-relevant stock market average?  READ MORE at

17 Cheat-Sheet Items for Advisors in 2017

Still burdened with unnecessary complexity and confusion, alternatives have made it to the mainstream, as they are on the lips of many major mutual fund companies and financial advisors. But despite a dizzying array of products and plenty of educational material, I still get the idea that the client’s reaction to all of it is “what the heck is this thing again?”  READ MORE at RIABiz

What to Do When Bonds Are No Longer the Answer

Bonds have been your best buddy. They have been right there with you during the 1987 crash, the Enron fiasco, the 1990 recession, the Asian Currency Crisis, the Dot-Com Bubble, and the Financial Crisis. From Reagan to Bush to Clinton to W. Bush to Obama and now to Trump, investing in fixed income securities through funds, ETFs or individual bonds has been the way you rescued your clients from that fickle, crazy stock market.  READ MORE at DailyAlts

A Discussion about “Dividend Tiers” with Vince Esposito

In a recent whitepaper, Sungarden® introduced the idea of ‘dividend tiers.’ In this discussion with Jay Jacobs, CFA of GlobalX, we explain this approach and how it’s different from more traditional approaches to dividend investing? READ MORE

Hedged Dividend Investing for Retirement

When it comes building a retirement-income portfolio, retirees are often faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge: They have to figure out how to generate enough income from their nest egg to support their desired lifestyle and do so without running out of money over the course of their household’s lifetime…read more.

5 Things Every Retirement Portfolio Should Have

While millions of people strive to achieve their own vision of retirement, the chaotic investment markets of the past 20 years left many more tired than retired. To keep yourself on track, there are five critical areas that you need to conquer. They may seem straightforward, even obvious…read more

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