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  • Sungarden Investment Publishing (SIP) was founded by Rob Isbitts, a 35-year investment industry veteran (see Rob’s experience and credentials detailed below)
  • We offer proprietary, straightforward investment research at a compelling price point
  • We do not provide personalized investment advisory services.  Instead....we offer our suite of model strategies through 3rd party platforms
  • We also deliver our insights proactively via free and paid newsletters, and social media
  • Our services are designed for individual investors, professional financial advisors, family offices and institutional investors
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Rob Isbitts

Rob Isbitts has spent the past 35 years as an investment strategist, advisor, researcher, thought ­leader and journalist.  He has devoted his career to busting common investment myths, helping investors and financial advisors make sense of chaotic markets, and growing a team of next­-generation leaders to continue developing his Intellectual Property and investment approach.  That includes the Isbitts Ratio™, the investment statistical factor he created that is the basis for the stock selection process used in the Sungarden Core Portfolio strategy.

Rob has managed money multiple bull and bear market cycles.  He creates innovative investment strategies that represent an alternative to outdated, overhyped traditional approaches. He is a three-­time mutual fund manager and creator of separately managed accounts and investment indexes.

Rob is a senior contributor to Forbes.com, a contributor to U.S. News & World Report and has written regularly for TheStreet, MarketWatch and RIA Biz. Rob has written three books on investing, including the 2021 e-­book "Modern Dividend Investing: The Isbitts Ratio™ and YARP Methodology."

Rob's experience
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Yield At Reasonable Price (YARP™)

YARP (Yield at a Reasonable Price) investing takes the Isbitts Ratio, and applies it to the analysis of specific securities that pay dividends (stocks and ETFs), in order to narrow down the selection and timing process for active or passive portfolio management.  YARP can be a total solution, or it can be a filtering process.  My team and I built it, tested it, and used it ourselves for a decade before explaining it in detail publicly, as I am doing here for the first time.
YARP can be considered a research factor in stock screening, a core research tool, or a total portfolio construction method. It depends on you, how you invest, and what you are looking for.  After all, Investing is personal.  All investors have inherent biases and preferences.  YARP is here to take whatever else you are doing as an investor, and help you add a valuable piece of information to your portfolio construction and management approach.

YArp performance

Our Strategy: Sungarden Core

Sungarden Core Strategy is a total return-focused, all-weather portfolio strategy. It is comprised of 2 parts which are designed to work together: a long term-oriented equity portfolio (based on the firm's proprietary YARP™ dividend stock methodology) and a tactical portfolio (primarily using ETFs), which aims to avoid major loss and add return through the use of investments held over shorter time periods. The strategy's Performance has been audited and verified by a professional third party auditor.

The strategy prioritizes risk-management, as Sungarden believes that competitive long-term returns are more about avoiding major drawdowns than investing aggressively. The portfolio's primary benchmark is the S&P Target Risk Moderate Index. It is not possible to invest directly in a benchmark.

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Our ETF research arm

ETFPortfolios.com offers a contemporary, common-sense, analytical approach to navigating modern investment markets.  It caters to individual investors and financial advisors who believe that investing today is more than just buying an index fund and ignoring your portfolio for a decade or two.

ETFPortfolios.com runs our a free newsletter, ETF Weekly, and a monthly portfolio contest, which is open exclusively to our newsletter subscribers.

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