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What Is The Sungarden Investment Club?

From Sungarden Investment Publishing (SIP)
  • A destination for those who want a time-efficient, time-tested approach to investment philosophy, process, strategy, research, and of course, buy/sell decisions.
  • A place where hype, flashy stock tips, wild performance claims, and testosterone-laden sales schemes are not welcome.
  • A community where serious, rational investors participate in a continuous real-time investment learning curve, led by an investment "lifer, "and supported by his team of motivated, talented analysts.
  • A newsletter that is less like a meat market, and more like a Club.
  • A publishing service (not personalized investment advice) priced at a level to encourage serious investors to "take a SIP."
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Rob Isbitts

Rob Isbitts has spent the past 35 years as an investment strategist, advisor, researcher, thought ­leader and journalist.  He has devoted his career to busting common investment myths, helping investors and financial advisors make sense of chaotic markets, and growing a team of next­-generation leaders to continue developing his Intellectual Property and investment approach.  That includes the Isbitts Ratio™, the investment statistical factor he created that is the basis for the stock selection process used in the Sungarden Core Portfolio strategy.

Rob has managed money through multiple bull and bear market cycles.  He creates innovative investment strategies that represent an alternative to outdated, overhyped traditional approaches. He is a three-­time mutual fund manager and creator of separately managed accounts and investment indexes.

Rob is a senior contributor to Forbes.com, a contributor to U.S. News & World Report and has written regularly for TheStreet, MarketWatch and RIA Biz. Rob has written three books on investing, including the 2021 e-­book "Modern Dividend Investing: The Isbitts Ratio™ and YARP Methodology."

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