Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETF Yourself?

A investment research service that help you build and manage wealth, your way, with the help of our founder's 35 years of investment experience. Follow all of our model trades, or just the ones you like. Or, use our proprietary research to create your own portfolio mix.

Why is ETF Yourself different from the zillions of other investment research services out there?

We prioritize risk-management while pursuing investment return. Many strategies are "fair weather," and only succeed when the market's wind is at their back. We think successful investing MUST combine offense AND defense.

Why Did You Start ETF Yourself?

The way consumers want to access investment intelligence has changed, and it continues to change. It is less about finding a "financial advisor" - advisory firms have lost a lot of trust over the years, thanks in part to Robo and other web-based research sites.

Financial Advisors can play a valuable role in many aspects of someone's financial life. However, when it comes to investing, many advisory firms, especially the big ones, deliver a high-cost, low-value offering. Many investors prefer to get research inputs from trusted sources, and make their own investment decisions. But many such services are sensationalized, and do not get to the heart of what today's investor wants. After 35 years in the investment advisory business, our Founder Rob Isbitts, along with his Co-Founder Samita Thephasit, decided to do something about it. The result: ETF Yourself was born!

Why Should I Consider ETF Yourself Versus Bigger, More Established Newsletters?

With over 100,000 hours of investment experience, from Chief Investment Strategist to Fund Manager, Intellectual Property Creator and Financial Advisor, Rob Isbitts' investment experience is at the core of what ETF Yourself does. Importantly, ETF Yourself was created to take Rob's investment belief system and convert it to something that can be delivered through a combination of technology and modern investment communication methods. So, while Rob has no plans to go anywhere, ETF Yourself is as much about his time-tested approach than about his pushing every button.

Does ETF Yourself take a lot of work to use?

That's entirely up to you. We offer a simple, straightforward, time-efficient approach. ETF Yourself quickly takes you from developing an investment philosophy and strategy, to putting it to use for your benefit. You can shadow our trades, use 1 or more of our 5 model portfolios, or just use us as research input to go "full-DIY (do it yourself)." Its your call, we're just here to help!

What is Our Investment Philosophy?
  • Successful investing is much more than "what do I buy right now." That is just the last part of a consistent, disciplined process that many investors lack, but truly want to have.
  • Markets are just a tool to pursue investment goals.  Use them that way.
  • Be flexible in our approach, and adapt to changing markets
  • Stay humble.  Bulls and bears can make money, but pigs get slaughtered!
  • Investing should make sense...common sense, and be delivered in common sense language
What is Our Investment Strategy?
  • Each piece is an investment in an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). While you might use individual stocks, options, NFTs, etc. in other parts of your portfolio, this is separate from that.
  • Why ETFs? Because the markets just don't work like they used to, and probably never will again. Fed overreach, algorithmic traders, more retail investors, Wall Street hype make ETFs an ideal tactical tool.
  • Big investment firms and the media like to over-simplify ETFs to fit their agenda. To us, ETFs are a time-tested, innovative way to segment a wide world of investment strategies, and apply tactical portfolio management for differentiated results.
  • ETF Yourself is about MARKET SEGMENTATION through ETFs, which eliminates a lot of stock-specific risk without dampening performance potential.
  • This is NOT just another ETF model strategy! It is the evolution of more than 35 years and 100K hours of investment research, then built with modern, digital investment technology
What's in an ETF Yourself Portfolio?

Each model contains exactly 4 ETFs. Each ETF is chosen from a group of ETFs, with the portfolio model holding only 1 from each group at any time:

  • Anchor: Base equity position to build around
  • Tilt: Tactical position to supplement the Anchor
  • Hedge: Main defensive position to provide balance
  • Wildcard: Rotating position in a more volatile ETF
Why Do You Use ETFs In Your Portfolios Instead of Stocks?

Individual stocks are a viable investment for many to consider. However, in recent years, doing so has become much more complex. Between volatility around quarterly earnings, the herd mentality of indexing, and other ways in which the market "players" have changed over the years, we think ETFs offer a lot more efficiency, and fewer headaches versus investing in individual stocks. That said, Our approach to using ETFs is research-driven, and that means we look through to what an ETF holds. So we have opinions on stocks, and are glad to share them with our subscribers as part of analyzing the 300 ETFs we follow.

ETFs Are Pretty Simple, Aren't They? Just Buy SPY or QQQ and leave it alone.

ETF Yourself believes that ETFs are the most misunderstood and misused investment vehicle around. So much money is crowded into a small number of funds that are driven by a small number of stocks. There is so much more to the ETF landscape, and we've done the work to help you benefit from that. Our boutique size allows us to consider a wider range of ETFs than the largest firms, whose scale severely limits them to “major market-tracking” ETFs and a small number of major asset classes. We believe that the long bull market since 2009 has masked the dangers of such narrow-minded strategies, and that bear markets and stocks and bonds will show the inherent weaknesses of such rigid, scale-driven approaches.

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