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Founder. Thought-Leader. Innovative Investor.

Rob's Mission

To provide a destination for investors who seek a time-efficient, battle-tested approach to investing for and in retirement. A place that is more like a club, and less like an investment meat market.

It started with a Dad, and a dream

A welcome message from Rob Isbitts

When your bloodlines descend from surviving financial calamity, and you have been battle-tested in the 1987 Crash, Dot-Com Bubble, Financial Crisis, and all the ups and downs in-between, you get pretty hard-wired to operate a certain way.

Everyone has people that have influenced them in their careers.  I had one before I started mine.

My father Carl grew up in the Washington Heights section of New York City in the 1930s.  He was a child of the Great Depression. He was never a professional investor, but from the time he taught me to chart stocks at age 16, he hoped I would be.

Fortunately, he lived long enough to see that happen. Every day, my team and I try to apply the risk-managed, take-nothing-for-granted attitude we all learned from our parents.

Welcome to Sungarden

A personal note from the father of our founder and CIS, Rob Isbitts.
rob isbitts

Rob Isbitts: an "Investment Lifer"

Rob Isbitts has spent the past 35 years as an investment strategist, advisor, researcher, thought-leader and journalist. He has devoted his career to helping financial advisors and their clients make sense of chaotic markets, mentoring aspiring investment professionals, while developing his innovative investment research approach.

Rob sold his advisory practice in 2020, to focus exclusively on investment research and model portfolio management through the creation of Sungarden Investment Publishing (SIP). SIP opens up Rob's decades of experience in investment strategy, research and portfolio management to financial advisors. He aims to help advisors learn to make investment management a true "asset" to their practice, as he did during his 27-year career as an advisor.

A long-time financial journalist, Rob writes a monthly column on investment strategy for financial advisors at U.S. News & World Report. He has written for, TheStreet, MarketWatch, and RIABiz. He has authored 3 books on investing, and was named a Top 100 Wealth Advisor in the U.S. 3 times during his advisory career.

Professional Experience

Investment Experience That Matters

  • 35 years as investment strategist, advisor, researcher, thought leader and journalist
  • Over 100,000 hours of hands-on investment experience and innovation
  • Navigated through 5 bear markets…and lived to tell about it!
  • Former advisor to high-net-worth families and financial advisors (over 25 years)
  • Sold advisory practice in 2020 to focus on research and investment model management by Co-Founding Sungarden Investment Publishing (SIP) with Samita Thephasit
  • Former 3-time mutual manager (including one of the first hedged mutual funds)
  • Tenured Chief Investment Officer, Investment Strategist, Portfolio Manager
  • Market technician (chartist) for over 40 years. His late father taught him at age 16 (in 1980)
  • Stock researcher since 1980s, ETF research since 1990s

Investment thought leader and innovator

  • Over 1.8mm pageviews as a Senior Contributor since January, 2019
  • Contributor to U.S. News & World Report (investment strategy column for financial advisors)
  • Published hundreds of articles and whitepapers since 1998
  • Author of 3 investment books, including 2021 E-Book Dividend Investing: A Modern Approach
  • Named 4 times to Worth Magazine Top 100 Advisors in U.S.
  • Named 3 times to “Venerated Voices” list of most-read contributors by Advisor Perspectives
  • Consistently one of most-read article writers on
  • Creator of YARP (Yield At A Reasonable Price): stock selection factor and investment process and other intellectual properties
  • Former contributor to, MarketWatch,

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